You Are The Point
Interdisciplinary jaw and body release TMJ




Informative Call 15mins free

First session: €200 (1.5h)
Additional sessions: €160 (1h)
After the intial session – 5 session program for 700€

Social price 1h 120€

to get to know – (30 min) – 66€

I support you in releasing jaw tension, reconnecting with yourself, and feeling your power. We create new spaces and a different body awareness for you so that you can create the life you want. Dance, choreography, and the realization that only you can change your habits give you powerful thoughts and feelings because these are what make up your life.

Languages: English, German, Spanish, or Greek

Time & Duration

By appointment
1-hour sessions


In person or online
FaceTime, Zoom oder Skype


Price (Incl. accommodation and breakfast)

3 days: 1800 €
5 days: 3000 €

Payments via Paypal or Bank transfer. All information sent by email.

We bring you on an intensive Body Consciousness work in beautiful Athens for a Choreography meets Jaw Release experience.

In this 3 to 5 days retreat, you will go through a transformative experience and focus on bringing your entire system into balance. We work together at HomEmotion, a truly transformative place. Its four-meter-high ceilings give us the ability to expand our brain, consciousness, and entire inner world.

Homεmotion is a neoclassical apartment/working space of 100 square meters with a communal terrace, located in the centre of Athens, in a neighbourhood that is still raw and yet to be explored.


From May to November
Training: 9:00 to 14:00

Maximum 2 persons


HomEmotion, Athens

Classes you are the point jaw tension


Special Offer for Jaw Life Dance and Letting Go

Session: 30 Minutes €66

Payments via Paypal or Bank transfer. All information sent by email.

The focus of the Jaw & Body Release class is the choreographic connection of teeth, jaw, and body, also for grinders and pressers. The jaw is one of the most influential parts of our skeleton – movement has a complex effect on the body.

As soon as we start grinding our teeth or clenching our jaws, our skull, shoulders, hips, knees, and feet respond to this pressure. When the skeleton is affected, the organs also react, and a chain reaction between them and our emotions begins.

Aware of this relationship, I developed a workshop in which we can learn to let go of these tensions and become aware of what we think and feel and how our jaw affects our posture and movements. It is suitable for anyone who wants to incorporate this awareness into their life and professional bodywork. A release class in every respect!

Languages: English, German, Spanish, or Greek


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Thank You Angela, for helping me help myself and Your beautiful presence! I felt very secure and suddenly everything seemed to be so simple and easy. I´m very thankful for the intensity and the lasting effects of our session! You make a difference! It makes me full of joy and energy!

Hanna Pietzcker (Furniture Designer)


Angela is a lifechoreographer with two extraordinary abilities: on one hand she sees through you and your issues, even if you are not yet quite aware of them. This is what happened with me when we met some time ago and she asked me about a specific are of my body. At the time I had no problem with it, at least not anything serious. But I turned to her when things flared up. On the other hand, Angela cares deeply and shows it in both conventional and unconventional ways, treating body and mind as one and creating conditions when both seem to happily flow along each other. Angela has helped me a lot, not least because of her overwhelming care and perseverance.

Andreas Philippopoulos-Mihalopoulos (Professor of Law, London)


Angela Lamprianidou combines human medical knowledge with complementary healing methods in her work. Her holistic work is profound, supportive and unique. She has touched me at all levels of my being (body, mind and soul).

Marie-Sophie Kiepe (Osteopath, Physiotherapist & Trainer)

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