You Are The Point
Interdisciplinary jaw and body release TMJ


I met Angela at a Jaw-Release workshop at Marameo. Her expertise and confidence impressed me so much that I signed up for her individual coaching. I’ve had jaw joint problems my whole life and, as a dentist, have attended many workshops and tried various therapies. Angela is the first therapist who skillfully combines her medical knowledge with alternative methods into a holistic system that convinced me completely. She finds individual solutions and can test them immediately through kinesiology. She empowers her patients to help themselves by showing them appropriate exercises. She identifies hidden traumas and removes them in her unique way. I feel so much lighter! Thank you, dear Angela!


Dr. A. Presting-Koite (Dentist)


Angela has the gift of healing in a unique way with her extensive knowledge, personal experience, and empathy. By integrating all three levels – physical-medical, emotional-psychological, and spiritual-energetic – she creates a particularly effective approach to a profound healing process. After years of suffering from teeth grinding with painful tensions in the entire head and back, chronic sinusitis, and tinnitus, and after treatment through numerous physiotherapy sessions, acupuncture, and other good and short-term effective approaches like Rolfing and coaching, Angela showed me a way to independently and daily relieve my pain and tension through exercises. She helped me understand the connections between body, soul, and mind, allowing me to transform unhealthy behaviors, thought patterns, and habits in the long term. I am now almost pain-free and live with much more energy and presence in my daily life. Angela’s presence and unconventional, holistic approach open the doors to true healing; meeting her is a gift. Thank you so much!


V. Weiss (Architect, Munich)

Angela Lamprianidou combines medical knowledge with complementary healing methods in her work. Her holistic work is profound, supportive, and unique. She has touched me on all levels of my being (body, mind, and soul).


M. S. Kiepe (Osteopath, Physiotherapist, and Trainer)

After 10 life-choreographic sessions, I was ready to take self-responsibility and “renew” my life under my direction. The way Angela focuses the sessions, and the way body, mind, and soul come together as one, is unique. I want to recommend her “You are the point” to everyone who wants to wake up and enjoy their life.


M. Diener (Artist)


Angela Lamprianidou is a fantastic choreographer, artist, and teacher, with whom I have collaborated several times. I recommend her to all performers who love to work with energy, movement, voice, and inner self in a performative way.


S. Thüring (Choreographer and Dancer)


Angela is a life choreographer with two extraordinary abilities: on the one hand, she sees through you and understands your problems, even if you are not fully aware of them yet. This is what happened to me when we met some time ago, and she asked me about a specific body part. At that time, I had no problem with it, at least nothing serious. But I contacted her after some time when things flared up. On the other hand, Angela cares deeply and shows it in conventional and unconventional ways, treating the body and mind as one and creating conditions under which both seem to flow happily together. Angela has helped me a lot, not least because of her overwhelming care and perseverance.


A. Philippopoulos-Mihalopoulos (Law Professor, United Kingdom)

I came to Angela in the midst of an emotional crisis, feeling much confusion and fear. She led me into hidden corners of my psyche, unraveling them was quite enlightening, and more repressed feelings could be brought forth and expressed. Angela has a unique energy that feels both confrontational and loving at the same time. I am amazed at Angela’s gift of allowing conscious mind and body to communicate with the unconscious to create new meaning, magic, and healing.


S. Kwoyin (Healer, Los Angeles)


Angela’s words hit the point exactly. Absolute accuracy! She accompanied me in finding clarity, freedom, and lightness in myself and my inner dialogues. For anyone stuck somewhere, somehow, with something, wishing to move and grow, this work is absolutely valuable. Angela’s hearty and joyful nature is also truly contagious!


R. Schulte (Complementary Medicine Practitioner)


Angela took me on an exciting journey to myself with her warm laughter and calm concentration, using seemingly simple means to create awareness of the connections between the jaw and the rest of the body, as well as the mind. The exercises she developed not only help me relax my jaw but also awaken a better awareness of when I unconsciously “clench my teeth” in certain situations. In her sessions, she does not follow a pre-made program but is guided by current circumstances and desires. After each session with Angela, I feel as relaxed as after a wonderful massage. Ευχαριστώ, dear Angela!


Prof. Dr. R. Janal (Lawyer)


Angela guides me through the dark subconscious waters of myself and helps me find my standpoint, thus being more active in daily life.


L. Merseburg (Director of Imagine Swimming, New York City)


Angela’s work is unique, just like Angela herself. She is very sensitive and can sense how I am feeling right from our greeting. I came to Angela because of tension in the jaw, and she helps me create a new awareness for my jaw, to perceive it again. On other levels, my awareness expands, and I notice feelings and sensations that were previously unconscious. Each session with her is different, tailored to my needs. The work is insightful and challenging at the same time, as it prompts me to deal with previously repressed themes, feelings, and beliefs. I have been tempted several times not to come back, not to schedule another appointment, out of fear of the pain that would come up. However, each time, I felt that something changed through Angela’s work. The pain comes and goes, transforming into something new and powerful. Moreover, I know that I am not alone but supported by Angela in this process. Thank you for that, Angela! I am curious about the valuable discoveries and experiences I can gather on our further shared journey.


S. Zumkley (Student)


Working with Angela was a transnormative experience for my entire body, including the jaw joint. In my job, I am almost 100% exposed to stress. This stress manifested in pain around the jaw joint. She taught me habits, breathing patterns, and movements that allowed me to release tension in my jaw, freeing up my energy and reducing my chronic pain. If you feel pain and stiffness, she will make a crucial difference. Thank you, Angela.


T. Simpson (Manager)


As soon as the first session ended, I felt very focused. The insights and exercises help me stay grounded and smooth out my decision-making process. I feel more secure and confident in my relationships. Angela helps me rediscover my true self. Thank you!


C. Candelario (Cosmetologist, New York City)


Thank you, dear Angela, for your loving guidance and beautiful presence! I felt completely safe, and suddenly everything seemed clear and simple. I am very grateful for the intensity and sustainability of our session! You make a big difference! I am full of joy and energy!


H. Pietzcker (Furniture Designer)

I am neither a grinder nor a teeth clencher, nor have I ever felt my jaw joint as part of my body. So I thought this class was not for me until I tried it. The class created by Angeliki is very special and unusual. Yes, the class includes some yoga elements, but in a very special way. They are refined, almost distilled, and tell a lot about Angeliki’s life as a multidisciplinary artist, choreographer, yoga coach, and dentist. Angela is a very dedicated instructor with a keen eye, profound knowledge, and special intuition. I entered the class with a heavy head and left it with calmness and peace. I even slept better and woke up relaxed the next morning, wonderful. It is difficult to describe everything that relaxed in this class; it is easier when you have experienced it. Thank you, Angeliki, and keep up this pioneering work!

L. Wagner (Actor)

Angela is competent on all levels, as a dancer, choreographer, and as an energy giver; she has opened worlds for me.

M. Glaesner (Rhythm Teacher and Musician)

Angela has a great talent for captivating and motivating students. They dive into the experience of contemporary dance and are captivated by Angela’s talent as a teacher and artist.


Prof. Dr. M. Warstat (Professor of Theater and Media Studies, Nuremberg)


Your charisma and your very warm and competent manner made these days a unique experience for me. I left your event with new self-confidence, rediscovered strengths, and new courage for my further life.


K. Abendroth (Teacher)

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