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Interdisciplinary jaw and body release TMJ

Dentist and choreographer leads you to the source: the jaw - until the body also lets go.

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Do you crunch and strain?

Welcome to the interdisciplinary

Method: “You are the Point”


After 10 life choreography sessions, I was ready to take responsibility for myself and start my life “anew” under my guidance. The way Angela focuses the sessions and how body, mind and soul come into unity is unique. I would like to recommend your “You are the point” to all people who want to wake up and enjoy their life. – M. Diener (artist)

I met Angela at a Jaw release workshop at Marameo. I was so impressed by her competence and confidence that I signed up for her individual coaching. I have had temporomandibular joint problems my entire life and have attended many training courses as a dentist and tried out various therapies. Angela is the first therapist who skillfully and with a lot of experience combines her conventional medical knowledge with alternative methods to create a holistic system that completely convinced me. She finds individual solutions and can test them immediately using kinesiology. She empowers her patients to help themselves by showing them appropriate exercises. She finds hidden traumas and removes them in her own unique way. I feel so much lighter! Thank you, dear Angela! – Dr. A. Presting-Koite (Dentist)

Angela’s words hit the point exactly. Absolute accuracy! She accompanied me in finding clarity, freedom, and lightness in myself and my inner dialogues. For anyone stuck somewhere, somehow, with something, wishing to move and grow, this work is absolutely valuable. Angela’s hearty and joyful nature is also truly contagious! – R. Schulte (Complementary Medicine Practitioner)

Angela Lamprianidou combines medical knowledge with complementary healing methods in her work. Her holistic work is profound, supportive, and unique. She has touched me on all levels of my being (body, mind, and soul). – M. S. Kiepe (Osteopath, Physiotherapist, and Trainer)

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Angela Lamprianidou

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Almost everyone grinds and grits their teeth. This not only leads to permanent damage to the teeth, but is also the cause of a wide range of physical problems. It overloads the jaw as a joint, which can lead to malfunctions in the entire organism. “Gritting your teeth” is a literal and figurative symptom of not being able to let go. Learning to relax your jaw will have a positive impact on all other areas of your life. When we move physically and emotionally, we find the balance that keeps us balanced.

As a dentist, choreographer and yoga trainer, I have developed “You are the point”, a holistic method that helps you not only relax your jaw. This will save you expensive dental repairs, improve your physical well-being and find emotional balance. I know from my own experience that this holistic approach allows us to create a sensory connection to our lives. We learn to let go and understand what is important to us. It's up to you, you are the point.

Based on “Shrivivek Yoga”, I support you in bringing your central nervous system into balance through targeted breathing sequences. As a choreographer, I support you in moving in new ways and experiencing your body more consciously. As a dentist, I support you with anatomical knowledge and medical expertise. This is how you learn to relax your jaw and develop awareness of your whole body.

When you release your jaw, you can surrender to your life.
Angela Lamprianidou

Body relaxation

Although the mouth has such a variety of functions - we kiss and taste, we chew and we digest with it - it is a largely underestimated and even unknown area of ​​the body.

The fact that the upper and lower jaws and with them the mouth, lips and teeth meet is only possible if the jaw forms a unit. An incorrect meeting of the upper and lower jaw can lead to poor physical posture, muscle tension and inflammation, which in turn negatively affects the jaw joint. It is also the only joint that we often use unconsciously - 90 percent of people clench and grind their teeth and put constant strain on the joint.

Because there is nowhere to hold on as easily as between the upper and lower jaw - body and mind are one - repressed feelings, anger or acidic thoughts make us literally grit our teeth. In order to resolve the trauma to the teeth caused by the pressure, we will clarify your problems and I will provide you with holistic dental advice. An exercise program tailored to you and your body constitution may also make sense.

After many years of experience as a dentist, I am convinced that true relaxation cannot occur without involving the jaw joint. The jaw joint and its movement are therefore the focus when I work choreographically with you, we create new spaces and transformation within them.

The method I developed is also preventive, allows the jaw joint to relax and helps you feel yourself more deeply. Your overall health will be increased and I will help you gain a deep understanding of the connection between body, mind and soul.

As a licensed dentist, I have discovered that tooth and jaw pain are related to how we think, feel and our posture

From my experience as a yoga coach, I realized that we consist to 100% of energy, and it is our gift and mission to keep it going.

As a choreographer and dancer, I've experienced that expressing your imagination has a healing effect on your mind and soul.

How does it work?

A session with me begins with me taking time to listen to you. I observe your physical behavior, listen to your life story, understand what brought you to me.

Only then will I develop a unique program that gives you more space in your life, helps you relax your jaw and bring your energy levels into balance.

I will develop an individual series of exercises for you that will stimulate your voice, mood and creativity. Some people progress more easily through movement, others through vocal exercises, others need silence as a motor to act and others need stability in their body so that they no longer hold their jaw together.

Ultimately, it's about releasing your tensions, bringing your energy back into balance and creating new spaces and possibilities within yourself so that you get your power back and become aware that only you can change yourself and therefore your habits.

Breathing, polyvagal theory according to Stephen Porges and precise anatomical and functional information support you in your understanding of how to restructure yourself.

Is this something for you??

It's for you if you're ready to let go. 

I accompany you individually!

I work with artists, bankers, opera singers, professors, managers and you - people who want to get into a flow from head to toe.

Individual sessions retreats

Depending on your needs and preferences, I offer a variety of options.

Performative Life and Jaw Merger

Ease your pain by learning to relax your jaw and develop awareness of your whole body. Individual sessions.

In person or online


Body Consciousness Retreat

In this retreat you will have a transformative experience and focus on bringing balance to your entire system.

Athens, Greece

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Group lessons / Live / Online

The focus of the Jaw & Body Release class is the choreographic connection of teeth, jaw and body. 

The temporomandibular joint is the focus of our travels - the smallest dysfunctions can lead to complex areas of disruption.
We are working preventively against this.




I represent a holistic healing approach that starts with you. Together we will find out what you need. We work out your life choreography. I will accompany you artistically and intuitively on the path to your clarity and in the implementation of your visions and support you with my inspiration. We will find out where you are stuck in your life and compose what you want to experience. I choreograph your life with you: What are your strengths? How do you get your power back? Just as my approach is individually tailored to you - my clients include artists as well as bankers, managers and opera stars - it unites everyone to bring their creative potential into flow from head to toe, from tooth to joint, from skin to organ want.

It can help to understand life as a stage, let's try out a role and take on a new perspective: Tarzan or Jane, Superman or Superwoman, Brit or Greek, oriental bazaar seller or rock idol. Or even Queen Elizabeth?

Get out of your head and into your body. What do you need to get your power? Together we will journey through your vision and find out. You are the point.

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Angela Lamprianidou

Licensed dentist
Diploma choreographer,
Yoga coach

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