You Are The Point

Interdisciplinary jaw and body release TMJ

As a dentist and choreographer I shall lead you to relaxation from the source:

As a dentist and choreographer I shall lead you to relaxation from the source:

The jaw – until the body also lets go

the Jaw – until the body also lets go


Angela Lamprianidou

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Almost everyone grinds and clenches their teeth. This not only permanently damages the teeth, but is also the cause of a wide variety of physical complaints. It overloads the jaw as an articulation, which can lead to malfunctions in the entire organism. “Gritting your teeth,” literally and figuratively, is a symptom of not being able to let go. Learning to relax the jaw will have a positive impact on all other areas of life. When we get moving, both physically and emotionally, we find the balance that keeps us balanced.

As a dentist, choreographer, and yoga coach, I have developed a holistic method with “you are the point” that supports you in not only relaxing your jaw. This saves you expensive tooth repairs, improves your physical well-being and finds an emotional balance. I know from my own experience that we can achieve a sensual connection to our lives through this holistic approach. We learn to let go and understand what is important to us. It’s up to you, you are the point. 

We grind and clench our teeth as we try to hold on onto something. Based on “Shrivivek Yoga”, I will support you to balance your central nervous system through targeted breathing sequences. As a choreographer you will lear to move in new ways and to experience your body more consciously. As a dentist, I support you with anatomical knowledge and medical competence. This is how you learn to relax your jaw and develop awareness of your whole body.

Trust your desires.
“You are the point.”

“If you let go of our jaw, you can surrender to your life.”
– Angela Lamprianidou


We give so little attention to our jaw, which is at the center of our kisses, nutrition, and communication.

From my experience as a dentist, I have found that all tooth and jaw pain emanate from unbalanced thinking, feelings, and body patterns.

From my experience as a yoga coach, I realized that we consist of 100% energy, and it is our gift and mission to keep it going.

As a choreographer and dancer, I’ve experienced that expressing your imagination has a healing effect on your mind and soul.

These experiences form the basis of my integral method (Lamprianidou method). It encompasses the observation of both your whole body unit and your feeling patterns. I focus on your daily habits (diet, posture), your perception, and your breathing to bring you back into balance.

“After the first session, I already felt more centered. The insights and exercises helped me be more grounded, confident, and self assured in my relationships. Angela has helped me relearn my true self.”

Cathrine Calendario (Aesthetician, NYC)

Angela Lamprianidou
Dentist // Choreographer // Yoga Coach //


A session with me starts by taking time to listen to you. I observe your physical behaviors, your life history, and seek to understand what brought you here. 

Only then, I develop a unique program that will increase space in your life, help you relax your jaw, and improve your energy balance. 

The program is tailored to you and will differ from one person to another. Some people progress more easily through movement, others through vocal exercises, while others may evolve better with a role playing approach. 

Ultimately, I want to relieve your tension, rebalance your energy, and create new spaces and possibilities within you.

"Angela is competent at all levels. As a dancer, choreographer, and energy-shifter, she has opened up worlds for me."

Monika Glasner (Rhythm-teacher & Musician)


Before coming to me, many of my clients had unsuccessfully tried other methods to treat their jaw pain or TMJ disorder. I work with artists, bankers, opera singers, professors, managers, and office workers – people who want to get into a flow from head to toe. 

The Jaw Release Lamprianidou Method is for you if:

  • You experience tension or jaw pain.
  • You are looking for a holistic and lasting tmj treatment.
  • You are open to go deeper into your body and mind.
  • You are willing to let go.
  • You want to invest in your health and wellbeing.

"Angela is a very engaged, charismatic and encouraging teacher with a sharp eye and profound intuition. I entered the class with a heavy mind and left relaxed and at peace. Even my sleep and the day after I felt calmer and more balanced as usual. Beautiful! It is hard to describe the release happening in this class, it’s best to be experienced with lovely Angeliki as your guide and lovely people around you. Thank you dear Angeliki and keep up this pioneering work!"

Laurence Wagner (Actor)



With her warm laughter and peaceful focus, Angela accompanied me on a journey to myself. She raises awareness for the interdepence of the jaw with the other parts of the body and the mind. The exercises she has developed both help me to relax my jaw and sensitize me to situations in which I otherwise unconsciously clench my teeth. Her sessions do not follow a strict routine. Rather, she adapts the program to the circumstances and desires of the particular day. Each session with Angela makes me feel as relaxed as if I had just received a wonderful massage. Ευχαριστώ, dear Angela!

Prof. Dr. Ruth . Janal (Lawyer)


Angela’s work is unique, as is Angela herself. She is very sensitive and when I greet her, she already knows how I feel. I came to her because of tensions in my jaw and she helps me to create a new consciousness there, to perceive it again. Also on other levels my consciousness is expanding, I perceive feelings and sensations that were previously unconscious to me. Each session with her is different, adapted to my needs. The work is insightful and at the same time challenging, because previously repressed themes, feelings and beliefs come up. I have been tempted several times not to come back, not to make another appointment, out of fear of the pain that would come up. But time after time I felt that working with Angela was changing something. The pain comes and it goes again, it is transformed into something new and powerful. I also know that I am not alone, but supported by Angela in this process. Thank you for that, Angela! I am curious to see what valuable discoveries and experiences I can gather on our way together.

Svenja Zumkley (Student)


Working with Angela on the root sources of stress that led to severe TMJ has been transformative for my health and receptivity to my body. She has taught me habits, breathing patterns, and movements that have allowed me to stop holding tension in my jaw — freeing up my energy and reducing my chronic pain. If you are feeling pain and stiffness, she will make the difference that you need by working in concert with a dynamic toolkit that can enhance many other forms of treatment. Thank you Angela.

Tim Simpson (Manager, Canada)

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I offer a variety of options depending on your needs and preferences. 

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Private Jaw Release Sessions

Relieve your pain by learning to relax your jaw and developing an awareness of your whole body in dedicated private sessions.

In-person or online


Body Consciousness Retreat

In this retreat in beautiful Athens, you will go through a transformative experience and focus on bringing your entire system into balance. 

Athens, Greece

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Online Group Classes

Learn to release tensions and become aware of what you are thinking, feeling and how your jaw influences your posture and movements in this online class.



Do you need chili or curry? Or a completely different mix? Let’s find it out together! I will support you in bringing your visions to life. Let me support you in finding inspiration and regaining clarity. Together we will find out the meaning of your current situation. We will compose what you really want to experience step by step!

Let’s take a look at life as a big stage. From Tarzan to Jane, from Superman to Superwoman, from English to Greek, from oriental bazaar seller to rock idol? Or even Queen Elizabeth? Often it is helpful to swap roles to rediscover our uniqueness along that process.

Out of the head, into the body. What do you need to be empowered? Let’s have a journey through your own personal vision, and let’s make it crystal clear. My answer is: You are the point.

Angela has shown a great talent to fascinate and motivate students. Diving into the experience of contemporary dance, the students were captured by Angela's genius as a teacher and artist.

Prof. Dr. Matthias Warstat (Chair of Theater and Media Studies, Nürnberg)


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Diploma choreographer
Yoga Coach

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